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This major series is created by Studio SC by an independent animator known professionally ashis online persona "StayClassy". This series revolves around the infamous animated cult-inspired "Caillou Gets Grounded" also incorpating some miniseries within the universe which play huge roles leading up to main story. This series utilizes the Vyond "Buisness Friendly" theme.

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Caillou Desperaux

Rosie Desperaux

Daisy Desperaux

Ellery Cross

Kiran Patel

Renner Patel

Gina Degaldo

Emma Dooler

Ryan Dooler

Boris Desperaux

Doris Desperaux

Arthur Degaldo


Sting Hickenbottom

Rose Tahler

Skyler Tahler

Silver Tahler

Tara Koller

The Knuckleheads

Dora Sanchez

William Bill (Little Bill) Glover

Rita Sandoval

Cecil Sandoval Jr.

Ariel Sandoval

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